Automatic Notchfinder 300mm | NF300OEM

The NF300 is designed as a OEM system for integration in e.g. wetetchbenches, stockers, etc..
A robot can be used to load the the wafers on the system. During the alignment the wafers are only supported by the 3 rollers.
It's also possible to integrate a Reader for WaferID Identification.

  • Standalone System for 300mm wafersize
  • Very compact footprint
  • Precise alignment +/- 1°
  • Only Edgecontact to the wafers

  • Integrated uController
  • Communication over RS232 or Ethernet
  • WaferIdReader on request
  • Wafer presence/absence mapping on request
  • Powersupply 24 VDC / 2 Amps

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